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Training Services

Training Services: Curriculum Development

Developing employees is an ongoing process and consistently trained employees not only perform better, they stay longer. That is why it is beneficial to establish a training plan for each position within your organization. The Catalyst Company will work with you to develop, administer, and promote a complete training curriculum.

Training Services: Powerful Courses

While we specialize in custom-designed courses, The Catalyst Company also has a wide variety of standard courses available including, but not limited to: ABC's of Retail Selling, Boosting Personal Productivity, Creating a Customer Service Plan, Hiring the Right Fit, Power Presenters, Managing the Media, Foundations of Instructional Design, Becoming a Better Trainer, and Creating a Great Place to Work.

Training Services: Customization

We distinguish ourselves by customizing our programs to meet your needs. Objectives, examples, case studies, procedures, and activities can all be adjusted to ensure that the course specifically meets the goals requested by each client.

Training Services: Instructional Design

Unique training situations may arise when customization will not be enough to provide the desired outcome. Our instructional designers will then collaborate with your organization's subject matter experts to create a program just for you.

Training Services: Facilitation

The Catalyst Company has a deep pool of gifted facilitators who bring content to life with energetic presentations and relevant examples. These trainers can also be certified to assist in the delivery of your internally designed courses or those of other vendors.

Training Services: Train-the-Trainers

In some cases you may prefer to utilize members of your own organization to facilitate training programs on an ongoing basis. To help ensure their success, The Catalyst Company offers train-the-trainer sessions to prepare would-be facilitators before they meet their first audience. Generalized sessions are also available to improve overall trainer skills or to assist non-trainers in how to conduct training sessions.

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