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Motivation Services

Motivation Services: Strategy Sessions

Identifying a clear path toward organizational success is both critical and motivational, but agreeing on a direction and values can often be a difficult endeavor. Using an unbiased facilitator eases the process. We facilitate the discussions, provide activities to enhance the effort, and objectively capture a group's conclusions as a roadmap to the future.

Motivation Services: Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a cutting edge technique that enhances any strategy session. Often people can commit to a general direction, but have difficulty agreeing on the words to summarize and communicate that vision. Through graphic recording, a professional facilitator guides each group's discussion, while a talented artist captures the insights visually. The end result is a vibrant masterpiece that serves as a continual reminder of the group's collaboration, cohesion, and commitment.

Motivation Services: Kickoffs and Celebrations

It is critical to launch new initiatives with a flurry of excitement and to honor success along the way. We will identify a theme, draft leadership remarks, prepare leaders to address the team, and provide additional support to ensure every event is brilliant.

Motivation Services: Keynote Presentations

If an event calls for a dynamic speaker, we will provide, or find, the ideal fit. Lisa Diggs, the founder of The Catalyst Company, is often a great choice. She speaks eloquently on a variety of fascinating and inspirational topics such as creating a phenomenal place to work, providing exceptional customer service, being a great boss, and bringing fun to work. Lisa creates or customizes every presentation to meet the needs of a new audience.

Motivation Services: Recognition & Reward Programs

An appropriate, consistent, and effective recognition and reward program can have a significant impact on the performance, morale, and retention of employees. We work with our clients to understand organizational objectives as well as the personal goals of employees and then link them together with exciting, manageable, and cost-effective incentive and recognition programs.

Motivation Services: Employee Involvement Programs

Research continually supports the contention that employees want to feel like they are making a discernable contribution to their company. They have ideas and they want to be heard. Organizations often fail to listen and miss opportunities for productive changes, while simultaneously disheartening their members. Employees and volunteers are also often eager to take on additional responsibilities, which goes unnoticed. At the Catalyst Company, we will help you tap into those resources, excite your team, and maximize their contributions.

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