Coaching Services

Coaching Services: Analysis

A variety of assessment techniques including observation, interviews, surveys, and focus groups, can be used to collect data regarding performance, customer satisfaction, and procedural effectiveness. Upon gathering the data, we provide expert analysis to determine a viable course of action toward powerful and lasting improvements.

Coaching Services: Strategy Sessions

Agreeing on corporate and/or team direction and values can often be a difficult endeavor. Using an unbiased facilitator eases the process. We will facilitate the discussions, provide activities to enhance the effort, and objectively capture your group's conclusions as a roadmap to the future.

Coaching Services: Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a cutting edge technique that enhances any strategy session. Often people can commit to a general direction, but have difficulty agreeing on the words to summarize and communicate that vision. Through graphic recording, a professional facilitator guides your group's discussion, while a talented artist captures the insights visually. The end result is a vibrant masterpiece that serves as a continual reminder of the group's collaboration, cohesion, and commitment.

Coaching Services: Leadership Coaching

Truly inspired leadership is the sum of foresight, focus, communication, dedication, and execution. Objective feedback can assist leaders in their quest toward continuous improvement in these areas. At The Catalyst Company we offer one-on-one performance coaching to help leaders enhance their skills.

Coaching Services: Team Coaching

Teams can lose valuable productivity when their internal communication is flawed, they face seemingly immovable obstacles, or when cohesion gives way to "Groupthink". By introducing a new and objective person into the mix, many of these barriers can be removed. Coaches work with the team's leader and individual members to tap into new ideas, spark fresh perspectives, improve communication, and negotiate rules of behavior to increase productivity and satisfaction.

Coaching Services: Life Balance Coaching

Many people long for support in their personal as well as professional lives. Life balance coaching is an on-going partnership with a trained professional who supports you in your exploration to live a rich, satisfying and rewarding life. Coaches will work with you to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you already have. Working with a life balance coach is not about fixing - it's about affecting change in your life in a way that is meaningful and satisfying to you.

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